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Butcher explains the mid and late game transition as a mid Windranger. This guide will explain how to itemize to scale, take objectives and eventually end the game with a high ground push.

Windranger at your service! And so is ButcherTV as he brings you a full guide on playing the hero Windranger. Formerly known as Windrunner, Lyralei the Windranger, is a unique, intelligence based hero that can be played as a physical DPS core thanks to her ultimate Focus Fire. The rest of her kit of abilities have allowed this hero to come into the meta a number of times before being nerfed out of it. Windranger is highly mobile and requires mastery of two different skill shots to play properly. She is a versatile hero that has seen play in the mid and offlanes primarily during her time in the sun. Windranger is very satisfying to play when you can land a big Shackle Shot to set up your Power Shot and ultimate, quickly deleting an enemy from the field of play. In this guide to Windranger you will start with the basics and work your way up to individual lane matchups and how to win them.

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