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Familiars, I summon you! Even though Visage runs around with its familiars, it is always good to know which heroes are your friends and which ones are not. This guide will cover his counters and synergies.

None may flee death for long! Exactly, once you watch this guide for Visage, the Bound Form of Necro'lic, you will become the unstoppable force of death. With spells like Grave Chill and Soul Assumption, you are able to kill almost any hero if you combo your spells up. Not to forget, your Gravekeeper's Cloak protects you form both physical and magical damage. Visage's ultimate ability called Summon Familiars is one of the most powerful summoning spell. If you build the right item like Aghanim's Scepter, you can make this ability even stronger as it adds another familiar to your control. The extra familiar is wonderful in both ganks as well as counter ganks.

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