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Undying Guide - Introduction & Basics

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This video guide explains how to play Undying. Kyubashi will explain the basic mechanics of the hero and how to best utilize him.

Dirge, the Undying, is a powerful early game strength hero with the ability to weaken his opponents while growing stronger himself. His ability to amplify damage with his ultimate, Flesh Golem, pairs well with his strength stealing Decay. Undying is an interesting mix of offense and defense as he can heal allies with Soul Rip or damage enemies. His most iconic ability is Tombstone which creates a zombie apocalypse for the opposing team to deal with. Usually played in the support role, Undying can fit into many drafts as a position 4 or position 5, though sometimes he finds himself as a position 3 in a dual offlane. In a meta where team fighting is king, it helps to draft a hero like Undying who gets stronger the more he fights. Kyubashi has always been a fan of the stranger heroes in Dota 2 and so it is great to have him back creating another guide here on Pvgna for you to enjoy. In this video series you will learn everything you need to know to rip out your opponents souls and decay their MMR, consuming it for yourself.

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