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D2Bowie takes a look at the drafts of The Wings Gaming and Digital Chaos when they matched up in Shanghai at the Starladder LAN. Bowie will help us try to understand the hero picks.

D2Bowie has done a ton of analysis on what happens in the game of Dota from the perspective of professional players. In this new series he will be trying to understand what happens right before a game of Dota 2 starts, during the draft. Drafting is an entirely different skill set and aspect of the game that many people forget about in the midst of mechanics and flashy plays. This series will try to help you understand why the Pros pick the heroes that they do in the situations that they do. The mind games involved in drafting a strong composition for your team can be a big determining factor in the success of the captain and the team. Many times it is the drafting that teams look to change first when they are struggling. It is also in the draft that the pace of the game as well as the style of play is usually set. Each team comes in with an idea of how they want the game to go and then adjusts based on the picks of their opponents. This is Understanding Professional Drafts.

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