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Daedalus has been mostly replaced by Bloodthorn in recent patches. In this guide to the item D2Bowie explains why Daedalus is actually underrated and should be built more often than it is.

Counting all recipes, drops and upgrades, there are 154 items in the game of Dota 2. Like the heroes that buy them, items are buffed, nerfed and changed in every significant patch. This video series will help guide you to learning how to utilize some of Dota's strongest items that might be flying under the radar. D2Bowie goes into great detail about each item's strengths and weaknesses as well as why a particular build up might fit one hero better than another. Items are what gives Dota 2 it's massive flexibility and item choices are what allows players to separate themselves from the pack with keen decision making. Good itemization can often overcome a bad draft and can allow a supposedly weaker hero to thrive. We hope you'll enjoy this series on Dota 2's underrated items.

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