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Troll Warlord Guide -Mid Gameplay Analysis

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Butcher brings us the mid section of his gameplay analysis for Troll Warlord. This part of the guide will showcase how the new mid mechanics influence the early game and why Troll is a good hero in this role.

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord is a high impact carry or mid hero that excels at punishing mistakes with extreme pushing power. Troll has the ability to boost his entire team's attack speed to incredible levels with his ultimate Battle Trance. Combined with his overwhelming physical damage output, Troll makes for a strong hero at nearly every stage of the game. Troll has the unique ability to switch between ranged and melee forms which makes him a versatile and relatively stable presence in the laning stage. This guide to Troll Warlord will cover both the mid and carry roles as Butcher brings his expertise to the ultimate "man-fight" hero. As Troll attacks he builds stacks of Fervor which increases his attack speed further. When paired with lifesteal and the chance to bash, Troll is extremely scary to deal with when he is charging forward with momentum.

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