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Treant Protector Guide - Item Builds

Up to Date

Kyubashi continues his Treant Protector guide with a video on what items to build on this powerful support. Hint: there is a better way than rushing Aghanim's Scepter!

Rooftrellen the Treant Protector was changed pretty significantly in patch 7.00 and this guide will explain why is considered to be one of the strongest supports in the current meta. The biggest rework for Treant, Tree for short, was to his ability to go invisible when near trees on the map thanks to Nature’s Guise. The skill was previously an active ability that worked on allies but now functions as a passive that grants a stun when leaving invisibility. Coupled with his incredible level 1 damage, Treant Protector has become the new early game roaming scourge. His other skills, Leech Seed, Living Armor and Overgrowth have remain relatively unchanged in function but have also been buffed to be quite powerful at all stages of the game. Treant’s unique ability to keep low health towers on the map may be his most important contribution to the team. He is a hero that provides map control through this building healing and again late game through Eyes in the Forest and his Aghanim’s upgrade.

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