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Bounty Hunter is a hard hero to fit into the meta these days. In this gameplay analysis Bowie takes a look at how one of the best support players, Puppey, makes it work to his team's advantage.

One of the best ways to pick up on things that you might not do in your Dota games is to watch skilled players. While Twitch streams are one way to get this sort of content we are lucky to have an analyst break down what we see. D2Bowie has been doing pro replay analysis for a while now and has an exciting new series of videos exclusively here on Pvgna. Things I Learned is a video series by Dota's favorite YouTube analyst, D2Bowie. In these guides he will watch professional players on some of their signature heroes to discover what it is they do that makes them so good. The games that D2Bowie utilizes for this analysis will come from pub matches. It is our hope that as Bowie learns things you will as well that you can then apply to your games to gain some MMR.

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