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The Winners of Patch 7.07+ - Outworld Devourer

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In this video guide Bowie goes over the the changes to Outworld Devourer in patch 7.07 and explains why you should be playing this hero.

Every time Icefrog releases a big new patch for Dota 2 the meta shifts and different heroes become popular. This video series will detail many of the heroes that have become powerful in patch 7.07 and beyond. D2Bowie explains what buffs and changes to the game have favored certain heroes over others. We will also learn how the winners of patch 7.07 could also be winners in your pubs. Getting ahead of the pub meta is a great way to quickly raise your rating. These guides are just a quick rundown of why you should consider drafting these heroes and why the pro players are favoring them so highly.

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