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The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR - Introduction

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These guides will teach you the basic rules on how to gain MMR in Dota 2. This video is an introduction to the MMR system and how to go about increasing yours.

Jenkins stakes his claim as the best Dota 2 psychologist the world’s ever seen with his new guide on the Mentality of MMR. This series is a bit different than the hero guides and gameplay analysis videos we have here on Pvgna. With all our other guides you have been learning mechanics, theory, numbers, skills and item builds to take on the competition. In this series however, you will learn what it takes mentally to consistently win as you climb the ranks of the MMR ladder. Anyone who plays ranked Dota can attest to the taxing grind that it can be. Maintaining the high win rate necessary to continue moving up the ranks requires a strong mentality. That’s what we hope you will learn from Jenkins over the course of this series. Dota 2 is an extremely complex game that requires a large amount of mental engagement. Jenkins has developed a number of steps to keeping your mind and mechanics sharp game in and game out. Honed over thousands of highly skilled pub games and the grueling competitive qualifier circuit, we think this guide will change how you approach Dota 2.

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