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The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Mid Lane

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The Fundamental Concepts of Laning
Total Duration: 2:26:27

Learning how to win your lane is the beginning of improving as a Dota player. This guide will teach you how to out lane your opponents consistently in the mid lane, Dota's most mechanically demanding role.

Fundamental Concepts on Laning is a basics of Dota 2 series about the decision making, mechanics and concepts behind laning properly. Laning stage is an extremely important part of every game of Dota since it lays the foundation for the rest of the game. While it is incorrect to think of the game as decided after the laning stage, it is certainly correct to assume that a win in the laning stage significantly improves your chances for a win in the game. Restocker applies his great logical reasoning to break down this crucial 10-12 minutes into easy to understand ideas. We hope that through keeping these ideas in mind as you approach the laning stage in your Dota games that you find it gets easier with practice. By winning more of your lanes and laning stages we expect the wins and MMR to follow. Sit back and enjoy the Mid Lane focused part of this Pvgna series.

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