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Terror steals across the land! This guide will help you understand how to play Terrorblade and how to properly use his abilities to demolish objectives and destroy opposing heroes in seconds.

This form reveals but a fraction of my soul's malignancy! Kyubashi is one of the top Terrorblade players on Yasp and he is here to teach you how to play this amazing hero. These guides will help you understand how you can properly use your abilities in a team fight. Even though Metamorphosis is not the ultimate ability, it should be treated as one. Because it has a long cool down and it is really powerful. That's why you should always combo this ability with Conjure Image. Terrorblade, the Demon Marauder has one of the best game changing ultimate ability you can find in Dota 2 and it's called Sunder. This ability will exchange your health with the targets hp. This can be used on allies and illusions. With this ability, you should be able to counter a lot of heroes and turn a losing fight, into a winning one, especially if you add Reflection into the mix.

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