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Tales from the Offlane - Underlord vs Luna & Shadow Demon

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Total Duration: 27:33

Eskillz makes his debut on Pvgna with a guide on Underlord. This gameplay analysis will break down how a high level offlaner abuses the very strong laning stage to snowball the game.

Underlord made his debut during the All-Star match at The International 6 and was added to captains mode in 7.00. Formerly known as Pit Lord, the second newest hero in Dota 2 is an offlane beast who benefits from grouping up and pressuring opponents. His skill set has made him especially good in the current meta where early objectives allow you to steamroll the other team. Because Underlord is a newer hero, players are still learning how to best utilize him. Luckily, Eskillz is high MMR player with professional experience on Horde where he plays with the likes of Akke. Though this particular replay guide highlights a fairly straight forward game, it is always good to watch how good players turn their leads into objectives and ultimately a win. Hop on the Dark Rift taxi service as Eskillz rains fire upon his foes. Once he gets going it’s only a matter of time before the enemy base atrophies and the opposing players find themselves in a pit of malice and despair.