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This part of our hero guide to Sven centers around his friends and foes. You will learn what picks work well with the Rogue Knight and how to counter him as well.

From a lowly birth in the Shadeshore ruins, who could ever guess I would fight among Heroes? Sven the Rogue Knight is the kind of hero that can destroy an entire team with just a few hits, thanks to his passive ability called Greater Cleave. This hero can also boost up his own and allies armor and movement speed by using his Warcry. He can also stun people by throwing his Storm Hammer at them. The thing that makes Sven unstoppable is his ultimate ability called God’s Strength. This allows him to deal a ton of damage. Once you have acquired some items you will be able to cleave down your enemy team with only a few right clicks. Watch these guides and learn more.

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