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Support Role Essentials - How to Stack and Pull

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Support Role Essentials
Total Duration: 1:42:58

As a support player, learning how to stack and pull is one of the most important parts of laning. These guides will teach you the essentials of playing support.

The Support Role Essentials is a guide series to help you understand and improve at playing the support role. Many Dota 2 players look at the support role as a thankless one and most avoid playing it at all costs. As you will learn in this series, there is a lot more to playing a good support than buying wards and feeding the enemy Slark or Pudge. Restocker brings his top notch analysis and mechanical understanding to give you the basics and advanced concepts that are necessary to support your team to victory. From securing your team’s farm through stacking and pulling to zoning and pressuring other lanes, this video series will have you staying active and efficient. It can be extremely satisfying to snowball into mid game off of a dominating laning phase and show up to fights with a surprising amount of items.. Proper positioning and spell usage are the support’s bread and butter as they need to be in the right place at the right time to make up for their lower farm priority. The support life is a high skill one and we hope you will give the role a try once you have mastered the essentials.

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