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Support Kunkka Guide - Gameplay & Decision Making Part 3

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That's worth a few pieces of eight! In this video we will be looking at LaNm from EHOME playing as a support Kunkka.

If the demons of the Cataract couldn't sink my fleet, then this lot doesn't stand a chance! TheBenGerman returns with yet another guide, and this time he will help you learn how to play as a four position Kunkka, the Admiral. When you play this hero as a roaming support, it’s very important that you properly time your X Marks the Spot with your Torrent and Ghostship. This combo can easily turn the tide of the battle. And with the help of your passive, Tidebringer you can push the lanes and farm your items faster than most support heroes. Once you have that much needed item, you can convert into an extra carry for your team and dominate the team fights.

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