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Studying Your Replays - How to Watch a Replay to Improve

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We are happy to present a full series on how to watch your own replays to improve at Dota 2. These guides will explain what to look for and how to use the replay viewing tool.

Have you ever wonder if you were doing everything you could to improve at Dota? Many times when people ask this question they get a canned response in the form of play more, last hit better and watch your replays. Of these three things, replays are the only one that really needs explanation. Dota has been blessed with an extremely useful tool in the replay system which allows players to view their previous games through a multitude of perspectives. From a free camera overview to personal or external player perspectives there is a lot to learn from dissecting your own or even someone else’s games. This series aims to answer the question, “what should I be looking for when watching a replay?” or “how do you learn from watching replays effectively?” From a general overview of the replay tool and things you can pay attention to in any game to hero specific roles, this guide will teach you the most efficient and effective way to analyze your own mistakes. Our Studying Your Replays series is a must watch series that will give you the tools to get better at Dota on your own with a small time investment. Enjoy and watch some sweet sweet Dota 2 action.

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