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In the following replay analysis guide, HunteaLa will be playing as Slark in a 1v1 match vs. Faceless Void in the safe lane.

Alone is best but sometimes you need mates. Worse comes to worst, you can always eat em! Slark the Nightcrawler is a hero that is best known for his slipperiness and his ability to kill lone heroes. He can enforce his Dark Pact and sacrifices some of his health to purge negative debuffs. His ability to Essence Shift allows him to steal the essence of his enemies. His Pounce allows him to leap forward, with this he can catch other heroes or make an escape. By calling for dark forces, he can enter his Shadow Dance. This allows him to become hidden and immune to detection while also being able to cast and attack. Now let's dive into what HuntaeLa has to say in this Slark guide.

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