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Slahser Dissects Sniper - 7k Gameplay Analysis vs Shadow Demon & Luna

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Slahser Dissects Sniper
Total Duration: 2:09:00

In this gameplay analysis Slahser reviews one of his recent, high MMR games where he faced against the dreaded SD and Luna combo. Thankfully, Sniper is pretty great against this lineup.

Sniper here! Time for target practice as we get into an in-depth hero gudie for Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper. Sniper is one of those heroes that you dread playing against thanks to his ridiculously good high ground defense. Sniper's massive range, projectile speed and charge based Shrapnel make pushing against him a nightmare. This powerful agility hero can take over games with good positioning as he Assassinates anyone weak enough and slow enough to fall into his sights. In his guide to Sniper, Slahser explains the hero’s strengths and weaknesses. He will also analyze a number of replays of the hero so that we can understand the moment by moment decision making that a good Sniper player should be going through during a game of Dota 2. By the end of this guide you will be ready to give your pubs flashbacks of the dreaded age of Ho Ho Ha Ha.