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Slahser Dissects Juggernaut - Split Push and Comeback Gameplay Analysis

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Slahser Dissects Juggernaut
Total Duration: 2:19:40

An early mistake by Slahser baits his team into a bad situation in this guide to playing Juggernaut from behind. Listen to his decision making as he adapts his play style to fit the scenario.

Welcome to another episode of Slahser Dissects. In this guide to the hero Juggernaut you will get the inside scoop on the extremely popular carry hero from a high level carry player. Yurnero, the Juggernaut, is a very stable and consistent hero who begins the game strong and scales well with farm and items. He is preferred by many players due to his built in magic immunity from Blade Fury and fast attack speed. Capable of split pushing or fighting, Juggernaut is definitely a hero any carry player should be familiar with. We hope that by the end of this guide you will be dancing around the battlefield with your blade in Omnislash and keeping your team alive with impeccable Healing Ward micro. This Juggernaut guide will teach you more than just the hero. Because of his innate adaptability and strong carry potential, a lot of what Slahser teaches will be applicable to other carry heroes. This guide series will cover items, skills, talents and decision making throughout the stages of the game. Slahser will also answer questions like: “Should I fight with my team or split push?” “Where can I farm safely?” “How do I need to itemize and use my skills to avoid dying and losing the game?”