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Shadow Demon Guide - 7.01 Cr1t Gameplay Analysis OG vs. EG

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TheBenGerman takes a look at a recent match between OG and EG to understand how EG's captain, Cr1t, is able to massively impact the game and counter powerful carries with little to no farm on Shadow Demon.

Who toys with demons, will find himself toyed with! Shadow Demon is a great support hero that can both save his allies and set up kills. His Disruption ability can disable an enemy and create two illusions of that hero. This ability can also be used on allies, thus making them immune to damage for a few seconds. Soul Catcher can amplify your damage and Shadow Poison puts stacking dots on your enemies. Allowing you to sit far back and help your team deal more damage. This hero has a great ultimate ability called Demonic Purge. This ability allows you to purge positive buffs from your enemy, thus giving your team a huge advantage. This is why all pro teams favor this support hero the most nowadays. Watch these guides and learn more.

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