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Roaming Night Stalker Guide - Gameplay Analysis

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No guide is complete without seeing the lesson in action. In this gameplay analysis video we will follow Kyubashi through a game played on his smurf account where he was testing NS in the new patch.

Balanar the Night Stalker is a hero with one of the more interesting designs in Dota 2. NS is actually weaker during the day portion of the game and stronger at night. These alternating four minute power spikes make for a game that requires planning. Night Stalker can be an extremely impactful hero due to his great control of the vision game. Balanar also has the ability to alter the Day/Night cycle temporarily and allows your team to control the map effectively while ahead. Kyubashi is known for his creative hero preferences so naturally a hero like Night Stalker falls into his wheelhouse of expertise. In this video guide series we will learn to play NS in his preferred roaming support role though he can also be run offlane. Legends say that patches and patches ago he might have even been a mid hero. Comes the nocturne one!

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