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Riki Roaming Support Guide - Gameplay & Decision Making Part 2

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Oh you're dead. What a surprise! Learn to play as a roaming support Riki with the help of DC vs Wings replay form the Manila Major.

There are none so stabbed as those who will not see! Riki, the Stealth Assassin is a hero that mastered the art of Cloak and Dagger. This allows him to fade into the shadows, and attack unsuspecting heroes. Riki also carries around a smoke bomb; he likes to call it the Smoke Screen. Any enemy caught inside the smoke is silenced, slowed, and they will miss most of their attacks. If an enemy tries to run Riki can teleport behind the enemy and hit them for extra damage, he likes to call it the Blink Strike. And his ultimate ability, Tricks of the Trade, it allows him to strike everyone in a 500 radius, while he himself can’t be attacked. Paired with the proper items, Riki is truly an Assassin and can easily counter a lot of heroes. Watch these guides and learn more.

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