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Someone needed a Butcher? In this Pudge guide you will learn about the basic mechanics of Pudge, as well as how each spell works and how to properly use them.

One of the top Pudge players on DotaBuff brings you the ultimate Pudge guide to help you learn how to play as the Butcher. This hero can counter almost anyone if you Hook them out of position and Dismember them. He needs kills as it boosts his strength thanks to his passive ability Flesh Heap. Even if you don’t have any skill points in it, it will still save the death charges around you. Moreover, once you have this ability, you will get all the Flesh Heap charges that you collected before, thus making you tankier and a lot harder to kill. Even if you are unable to kill them and they turn the fight around. You can just deny yourself using your second ability Rot but you have to time it right. You'll look good with an apple in yer mouth!

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