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There are two different skill builds for this hero, but knowing the right one can give you a better advantage over your enemy whether you are playing support or offlane.

It is time to rise from the ashes and be reborn as a Phoenix. LizZard is here once again to teach you how to play as Phoenix. This hero can be build as a support or an offlaner depending on the lineup as well as your items. With the help of your first skill Icarus Dive, you are able to escape or dive into a fight. Thus allowing you to survive in the offlane, combining that with Fire Spirits and you can even harass the enemy safe laner. On the other hand, your third skill Sun Ray is a really good support ability as it can heal allies and damage enemies. However, your abilities cost health rather then mana, that is where your ultimate comes in, Supernova. This turns you into a burning sun and after 6 seconds you are reborn form it with full hp, mana, and refreshed abilities, after all you are a Phoenix. If you play this hero right you can even counter some dangerous heroes, and surely you will after watching this guide.

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