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Phantom Lancer Guide - Introduction & Basics

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In this guide on how to play Phantom Lancer, Kyubashi will explain the basic mechanics of the hero and how he can be laned and utilized in the current meta.

From one: an army. Phantom Lancer is a hero who has gone through many iterations over the course of his Dota life. With some significant reworking of PL's abilities, the addition of talents and finally adding an Aghanim's Scepter upgrade, PL is still being figured out. The hero is an interesting blend of elusiveness, damage and chaos. In this guide to Phantom Lancer Kyubashi will bring his high level of skill on one of the stranger heroes in the game right now. Phantom Lancer is a hero that has been in the meta before in a different form but as you will learn, is likely to return to the meta again. In this video series Kyubashi will take a bit of a theoretical approach to playing PL since it is still a bit unclear exactly where and how the hero should be played. Regardless of lane however, it is clear that the potential for high impact and high disruption is possible from a Phantom Lancer pick. Strength in numbers!

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