Learning how to play Dota 2 is a head first dive into complexity. These guides will cover all of the basic concepts, mechanics and hero interactions that you will need to know to master the rest of the game. Every journey must begin somewhere and by walking this path you will gain the general understanding necessary to take on the rest of Dota’s learning curve.
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Welcome to Dota 2 - Introduction
Welcome to Dota 2

The ultimate beginner's guide on how to play Dota 2. You will learn all of Dota's basic mechanics, objectives and rules to start winning games. Welcome to Dota 2!

17 videos     5:40:26     TEL9021
Wisdom of Chessie - Hotkeys and Other Settings in Dota 2
Wisdom of Chessie - Hotkeys and Other Settings in Dota 2

Chessie returns to make you wiser once again. This is the guide to watch if you want to see how a professional Dota 2 player binds their keys for heroes and courier. Chessie also explains his other settings and why he uses them.

1 video     38:18     Chessie
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Mid Lane
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning

Learning how to win your lane is the beginning of improving as a Dota player. This guide will teach you how to out lane your opponents consistently in the mid lane, Dota's most mechanically demanding role.

5 videos     2:26:27     Restocker
Drafting in Dota 2 - All Pick vs. Captains Mode
Drafting in Dota 2

Learning how to draft in Dota 2 can give you a big advantage before the game even starts. In this video Jenkins will cover the basics of drafting and how to think about heroes when going into a draft.

11 videos     2:55:00     Jenkins
The Ultimate Warding Guide - Introduction & Basics
The Ultimate Warding Guide

These guides will teach you the importance of vision and how and where to ward properly in Dota 2. Learn how to control the map with Observer and Sentry Wards.

4 videos     2:36:58     Restocker
Chessie's Guide to the Carry Role - Picking a Hero
Chessie's Guide to the Carry Role

Chessie's guide on how to play the carry role in Dota 2 begins with drafting. Selecting the proper hero for a every situation is the first step to becoming a better carry player.

13 videos     2:49:55     Chessie
Annihilate the Mid Lane - Introduction to Mid Lane
Annihilate the Mid Lane

In this first video of our guide on how to play mid lane in Dota 2 you will get an introduction the role and some of the many concepts you will need to master to annihilate your opponents.

10 videos     2:14:09     iAnnihilate
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane - Introduction to the Offlane
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane

Jenkins brings us a guide on how to play the offlane role in Dota 2. These videos will teach you to survive against the odds and realize that you're a wizard after all.

14 videos     3:18:23     Jenkins
How to Support Your Team - Laning
How to Support Your Team

Welcome to the How to Support Your Team guide here on Pvgna! These videos will help you learn many important concepts necessary to win games for your team as a support in Dota 2.

7 videos     2:45:51     Newsham
Support Role Essentials - How to Stack and Pull
Support Role Essentials

As a support player, learning how to stack and pull is one of the most important parts of laning. These guides will teach you the essentials of playing support.

3 videos     1:42:58     Restocker
Drafting for your MMR - Carries at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR

Restocker introduces five carries that will get you winning games quickly in the 3K bracket and below. This guide highlights how to pick straight forward heroes that newer players can pick up with good results.

16 videos     9:51:53     Restocker
Studying Your Replays - How to Watch a Replay to Improve
Studying Your Replays

We are happy to present a full series on how to watch your own replays to improve at Dota 2. These guides will explain what to look for and how to use the replay viewing tool.

7 videos     4:25:39     Restocker
Advanced Mechanics - How Root Works
Advanced Mechanics

In this video guide to the advanced mechanics of Dota Ler explains how to use the root mechanic. Since being buffed in the 7.xx patches, root has become a major factor in many games.

3 videos     39:54     @Ler_GG
Hero Synergies - Bane
Hero Synergies

Restocker series one Hero Synergies explains how to pair heroes in Dota 2. These video guides will explain why certain heroes work best together. First up is Bane, who combos well with many other supports.

3 videos     1:34:53     Restocker
Emerging From the Jungle - Pressuring With Bloodseeker
Emerging From the Jungle

Restocker shows us an incredibly efficient jungling pattern with the hero Bloodseeker in this guide. You will learn how to avoid being one of those AFK junglers and actually gain advantage for your team.

3 videos     1:53:13     Restocker
The Fundamentals of Solo Queue - Choosing Your Role at 2K MMR &Below
The Fundamentals of Solo Queue

In this video on the fundamentals of solo queue, HuntaeLa talks about the importance to picking the right role at 2K MMR and below. This guide will explain why certain roles are better than other for winning games.

3 videos     34:57     HuntaeLa
MMR Crash Courses - Last Hits at 10 Minutes
MMR Crash Courses

The laning stage of the game generally lasts for the first 10 or so minutes. This is when players who last hit well can begin building an advantage through their mechanics. This guide focuses on consistently collecting high last hit numbers in the laning stage.

6 videos     40:26     TEL9021
Objective Based Gaming - Smoke of Deceit
Objective Based Gaming

In this guide to taking objectives in Dota Jenkins explains one of the most powerful items in the game. Smoke of Deceit is an extremely useful tool when ahead or behind to change the course of the game.

9 videos     5:50:50     Jenkins