Dota 2's replay system is one of the best tools a player can utilize to improve at the game. Having the freedom to rewatch important moments in a game from different perspectives gives a much clearer picture than we normally experience while playing. Watching the movement and decision making of better players can also help us shape our own choices in a game of Dota 2. Players who consistently make good decisions rise to the top and climb the ladder.
Learn to analyze your own replays
Learn to deal with situations in the context of a live game
Train yourself to have a plan at each stage of the game and ask the right questions
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Studying Your Replays - How to Watch a Replay to Improve
Studying Your Replays

We are happy to present a full series on how to watch your own replays to improve at Dota 2. These guides will explain what to look for and how to use the replay viewing tool.

7 videos     4:25:39     Restocker
Wisdom of Chessie - Carrying with Mid Brewmaster
Wisdom of Chessie

Chessie brings us his own take on Brewmaster in this guide. His gameplay analysis will showcase carrying a high level pub against CCnC (Necrophos is CCnC not Smash) and BSJ on a hero not usually known for carrying.

21 videos     15:43:40     Chessie
Things I Learned From Pros - EG.Arteezy & Liquid.Miracle Naga Siren
Things I Learned From Pros

D2Bowie brings us some things he has learned from watching Arteezy and Miracle play Naga Siren. These two 9k wizards seem to thrive on the more complex heroes which you will see in this guide.

22 videos     6:06:46     D2Bowie
How Pros Fight - Miracle Shadow Fiend
How Pros Fight

In the following gameplay analysis guide, we will look at how Miracle fights as Shadow Fiend. You will learn how to properly use your abilities to your advantage.

21 videos     7:15:45     D2Bowie
The Path to Victory - Kiev Major Grand Finals Analysis Game 1
The Path to Victory

Game one of the best of five series between OG and Virtus.Pro. The first game set the tone for the rest of the hotly contested series. Chessie analyzes the strategies and movements of both teams.

5 videos     4:12:10     Chessie