While Dota 2 is at its core “just a game”, the competitive nature is a huge part of the overall enjoyment of the experience. As balance patches change how the game is played, certain heroes fit the playstyle better than others. We refer to this as “the meta” which evolves based on what wins games most consistently. Walk the meta path and discover how winning ain’t everything, but it sure is fun.
Learn what new mechanics you can utilize to win games
Discover the over-powered heroes that will gain you MMR
Get ahead of the meta and dominate your games
Path Duration: 49.7 hours · 190 videos
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Shadow Fiend Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Shadow Fiend Guide

Souls await! In this guide, you will learn how to play Shadow Fiend. iAnnihilate covers the abilities and basic hero mechanics you need to know to flash farm and dominate.

11 videos     2:57:21     iAnnihilate
Shadow Shaman Guide - Introduction & Basics
Shadow Shaman Guide

Shadow Shaman is an extremely reliable support hero and in this video series ButcherTV will teach us how to play Rhasta. This guide will focus on the basics.

10 videos     1:51:23     ButcherTV
Offlane Underlord - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Underlord

In this video series Jenkins will be teaching us everything we need to know about Underlord. The guide will teach us how to play this tanky offlane hero in a way that will carry your pub games.

10 videos     2:32:10     Jenkins
Phantom Lancer Guide - Introduction & Basics
Phantom Lancer Guide

In this guide on how to play Phantom Lancer, Kyubashi will explain the basic mechanics of the hero and how he can be laned and utilized in the current meta.

6 videos     2:31:44     Kyubashi
Offlane Tidehunter - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a strong tanky hero with one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. This video guide series will explain the basics of how to play Tidehunter in the offlane.

12 videos     2:50:23     Jenkins
Dark Willow Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dark Willow Guide

In this video series we will be learning how to play Dark Willow, one of Dota 2's most recently added heroes. This guide will explain the basics of the hero and why you should learn to play her.

9 videos     3:03:13     TDRussian
Offlane Omniknight - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Omniknight

Jenkins explains how to play Omniknight in the offlane in this video series. This guide will help you learn the basics of one of the top win rate heroes in ranked matchmaking.

10 videos     2:32:41     Jenkins
Terrorblade Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Terrorblade Guide

Terror steals across the land! This guide will help you understand how to play Terrorblade and how to properly use his abilities to demolish objectives and destroy opposing heroes in seconds.

10 videos     2:31:49     Kyubashi
Pangolier Guide - Introduction & Basics
Pangolier Guide

In this video guide HuntaeLa introduces us to one of Dota 2's newest heroes. This video will explain how to use Pangolier's skills and how to play the hero for maximum impact in your games.

8 videos     1:35:17     HuntaeLa
Brewmaster Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Brewmaster Guide

What kind of pub is this? In this guide, you will learn how to use each of Brewmaster's abilities and how to micro your ultimate for the most impact in fights.

10 videos     2:31:53     Kyubashi
Offlane Beastmaster - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Beastmaster

Beastmaster is one of the most complicated heroes in Dota 2. In this guide Jenkins will be introducing us to the hero and learning how to master the basics.

13 videos     3:10:56     Jenkins
Outworld Devourer Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Outworld Devourer Guide

In the following guide, you will learn how to play as Outworld Devourer in the mid lane. You will also understand how to use your abilities to farm and fight as well.

11 videos     3:23:25     HuntaeLa
Bane Guide - Introduction & Basics
Bane Guide

In this video series we will be learning about the hero Bane. These guides will explain all the basics and the more advanced nuance of this strong support.

10 videos     1:52:51     Hachi
Offlane Pugna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Pugna Guide

In this video guide Jenkins will be teaching us the basic of how to play and have massive impact on offlane Pugna. Pugna is a unique hero in his ability to quickly take towers without dangerously committing himself.

10 videos     2:47:20     Jenkins
Sand King Guide - Introduction & Basics
Sand King Guide

In this guide, Jenkins will explain how to play Sand Kingin the offlane. He will cover the basics of the hero and how to use his strong jungling to always find farm.

9 videos     2:18:03     Jenkins
Chaos Knight Guide - Introduction & Basics
Chaos Knight Guide

All creation is order, which must be scattered to the wind! The following guide will help you learn how to play as Chaos Knight and how to properly use each of your abilities.

9 videos     1:46:33     Kyubashi
Lifestealer Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Lifestealer Guide

My bonds are broken! In the following guide, you will learn how to play Lifestealer and how you should properly use his abilities.

9 videos     2:14:53     HuntaeLa
Ancient Apparition Guide - Introduction & Basics
Ancient Apparition Guide

In this guide series we will be learning how to play Ancient Apparition. This video will cover the basics of the hero and help us understand the hero's skills and when they would be useful in a game.

8 videos     2:59:26     TDRussian
Tiny Guide - Introduction & Basics
Tiny Guide

HuntaeLa brings us a guide on how to play Tiny, one of Dota's iconic mid heroes. These videos will explain the basics of the hero and when you should be playing him.

9 videos     2:45:58     HuntaeLa
Dragon Knight Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dragon Knight Guide

This video will introduce us to the hero Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight is one of the most stable and easy to learn heroes in Dota 2 and this guide by ButcherTV will explain why he is such a good hero to pick to win games.

6 videos     1:23:01     ButcherTV