While Dota 2 is at its core “just a game”, the competitive nature is a huge part of the overall enjoyment of the experience. As balance patches change how the game is played, certain heroes fit the playstyle better than others. We refer to this as “the meta” which evolves based on what wins games most consistently. Walk the meta path and discover how winning ain’t everything, but it sure is fun.
Learn what new mechanics you can utilize to win games
Discover the over-powered heroes that will gain you MMR
Get ahead of the meta and dominate your games
Path Duration: 19.2 hours · 78 videos
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The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR - Introduction
The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR

These guides will teach you the basic rules on how to gain MMR in Dota 2. This video is an introduction to the MMR system and how to go about increasing yours.

5 videos     1:06:00     Jenkins
Mid Lane Changes in Patch 7.07 - General Changes
Mid Lane Changes in Patch 7.07

8K mid player iAnnihilate gives us his take on what the changes in patch 7.07 mean for mid players. This guide will teach you how to deal with the removal of Bottle crowing and other mid-specific mechanics.

3 videos     44:05     iAnnihilate
Playing Offlane in Patch 7.07: The Dueling Fates
Playing Offlane in Patch 7.07: The Dueling Fates

Jenkins gives us his initial thoughts about how to play offlane in the 7.07 Dueling Fates patch for Dota 2. This guide will help you understand the key changed to playing the offlane role.

5 videos     2:11:37     Jenkins
Pangolier Guide - Introduction & Basics
Pangolier Guide

In this video guide HuntaeLa introduces us to one of Dota 2's newest heroes. This video will explain how to use Pangolier's skills and how to play the hero for maximum impact in your games.

8 videos     1:35:17     HuntaeLa
Supporting in Patch 7.07 - Introduction to The Dueling Fates
Supporting in Patch 7.07

Patch 7.07 brought a lot of new changes to playing support. @Ler_GG teaches us how to handle the new map, warding, itemization and all the other important mechanics changes in thsi guide.

5 videos     49:44     @Ler_GG
Lich Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lich Guide

Lich is one of the most popular heroes to learn how to play support on. This guide will explain why Lich is such strong defensive laning partner for most heroes and how he assists in lane control.

11 videos     2:13:40     Hachi
Advanced Mechanics - Reliable vs Unreliable Gold
Advanced Mechanics - Reliable vs Unreliable Gold

Greed is good in this video guide to the advanced mechanics of Dota 2. Ler explains the differences between reliable and unreliable gold and how to handle them to improve you item timings.

1 video     8:19     @Ler_GG
Offlane Pugna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Pugna Guide

In this video guide Jenkins will be teaching us the basic of how to play and have massive impact on offlane Pugna. Pugna is a unique hero in his ability to quickly take towers without dangerously committing himself.

10 videos     2:47:20     Jenkins
Offlane Broodmother Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Broodmother Guide

Jenkins brings us a how to guide on the hero Broodmother. Brood is one of the more interesting heroes that gets played in the offlane and in this video you will learn her basic mechanics.

12 videos     3:05:50     Jenkins
Terrorblade Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Terrorblade Guide

Terror steals across the land! This guide will help you understand how to play Terrorblade and how to properly use his abilities to demolish objectives and destroy opposing heroes in seconds.

10 videos     2:31:49     Kyubashi
Offlane Beastmaster - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Beastmaster

Beastmaster is one of the most complicated heroes in Dota 2. In this guide Jenkins will be introducing us to the hero and learning how to master the basics.

8 videos     1:59:51     Jenkins