The path from Legend to Ancient can be tough as players have learned to punish mistakes at this level. Games will be harder but still filled with errors to capitalize on. We will be focusing on high mobility heroes that can push out waves quickly to create pressure on the map. How and where fights are taken usually determines the outcome of games at this level so initiation and counter initiation are king.
Positioning and vision control win games at this level more than farming
Out maneuver your opponents with superior map movement and game sense
Focus on heroes that can do multiple jobs while scaling well
Path Duration: 55.1 hours · 189 videos
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Spirit Breaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Spirit Breaker Guide

In this video guide we will be learning about the basics and mechanics of playing Spirit Breaker. Barathrum is a highly aggressive and fun hero to play and Hachi brings us an in-depth video series on the hero.

9 videos     2:04:40     Hachi
Tinker Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Tinker Guide

HuntaeLa brings us a guide on how to play Tinker. Tinker is a complex hero with a high mechanical skill cap and in this series you will learn all of his important mechanics.

7 videos     2:07:23     HuntaeLa
Offlane Tidehunter - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a strong tanky hero with one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. This video guide series will explain the basics of how to play Tidehunter in the offlane.

12 videos     3:07:03     Jenkins
Shadow Fiend Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Shadow Fiend Guide

Souls await! In this guide, you will learn how to play Shadow Fiend. iAnnihilate covers the abilities and basic hero mechanics you need to know to flash farm and dominate.

11 videos     2:57:21     iAnnihilate
Offlane Puck - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Puck

In this video guide to Puck Jenkins introduces us to the mechanics of Dota 2's most elusive and versatile heroes.

10 videos     3:07:51     Jenkins
Earthshaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Earthshaker Guide

This guide will teach us how to play support Earthshaker. Ryuu explains how to utilize the stuns of one of Dota's strongest intiators.

9 videos     2:30:40     Ryuu
Troll Warlord Guide - Introduction to Skills & Talents
Troll Warlord Guide

In this first video of the Troll Warlord guide Butcher introduces us how to play the hero. He also covers the skill build and talents that you should be selecting.

7 videos     1:34:44     ButcherTV
Disruptor Guide - Introduction & Basics
Disruptor Guide

Ryuu teaches us how to play Disruptor in this guide. Here you will learn how to fight and why this hero is good at punishing bad positioning.

7 videos     1:17:24     Ryuu
Offlane Pugna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Pugna Guide

In this video guide Jenkins will be teaching us the basic of how to play and have massive impact on offlane Pugna. Pugna is a unique hero in his ability to quickly take towers without dangerously committing himself.

10 videos     2:47:20     Jenkins
Offlane Beastmaster - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Beastmaster

Beastmaster is one of the most complicated heroes in Dota 2. In this guide Jenkins will be introducing us to the hero and learning how to master the basics.

13 videos     3:10:56     Jenkins
Offlane Nature's Prophet Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Nature's Prophet Guide

In this guide to Nature's Prophet you will learn how to play the hero. Jenkins will explain the basic mechanics of playing Furion in this video.

13 videos     3:14:51     Jenkins
Sand King Guide - Introduction & Basics
Sand King Guide

In this guide, Jenkins will explain how to play Sand Kingin the offlane. He will cover the basics of the hero and how to use his strong jungling to always find farm.

9 videos     2:18:03     Jenkins
Roaming Night Stalker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Roaming Night Stalker Guide

Kyubashi teaches us how to play Balanar, the Night Stalker. This guide will cover the hero's basic mechanics and what sort of play style you should expect when picking Night Stalker.

6 videos     2:14:46     Kyubashi
Slark Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slark Guide

Oh no, you'll bait no hook with me! In this guide, you will learn how to play Slark; you will also understand how to properly use your abilities to slip out of tough situations.

9 videos     3:11:13     HuntaeLa
Offlane Magnus Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Magnus Guide

Jenkins teaches us how to play Magnus in the offlane in this video series. These guides are sure to have you landing game winning RPs and Empowering your team.

10 videos     3:01:02     Jenkins
Dark Willow Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dark Willow Guide

In this video series we will be learning how to play Dark Willow, one of Dota 2's most recently added heroes. This guide will explain the basics of the hero and why you should learn to play her.

9 videos     3:03:13     TDRussian
Offlane Legion Commander Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Legion Commander Guide

Learn how to play Legion Commander in this guide series by Jenkins. These videos will teach you how to play one of the strongest offlaners in Dota 2 and duel your way to victory against all odds.

12 videos     3:07:22     Jenkins
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut

Slahser explains how to play Juggernaut in this new carry guide here on Pvgna. Juggernaut has been a common pick in pubs and pro games for years so it's time to learn him.

4 videos     2:19:40     Slahser
Drafting for your MMR - Carries at 3K to 4K
Drafting for your MMR - Carries at 3K to 4K

We move on to the 3K to 4K bracket in this video from the Drafting for your MMR series. In this guide Restocker goes into some specifics on why these heroes are great picks in this particular MMR bracket.

1 video     36:50     Restocker
How Pros Fight - Miracle Shadow Fiend
How Pros Fight

In the following gameplay analysis guide, we will look at how Miracle fights as Shadow Fiend. You will learn how to properly use your abilities to your advantage.

21 videos     7:15:45     D2Bowie