The path from Herald to Guardian can appear treacherous but is not nearly as dark as it seems. At the Herald level there are a lot of very basic mistakes and concepts being missed and by simply focusing on the general mechanical skills like last hitting and spell casting can drastically improve your gameplay. To climb from Herald to Guardian we recommend watching the following videos and just generally logging some more hours in Dota to move up quickly.
Focus on general mechanics and concepts that all advanced players have mastered
Learn the game states and hero roles
Introduce basic, well-rounded heroes that make learning easy
Path Duration: 35.2 hours · 121 videos
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Welcome to Dota 2 - Introduction
Welcome to Dota 2

The ultimate beginner's guide on how to play Dota 2. You will learn all of Dota's basic mechanics, objectives and rules to start winning games. Welcome to Dota 2!

17 videos     5:40:26     TEL9021
Wisdom of Chessie - Hotkeys and Other Settings in Dota 2
Wisdom of Chessie - Hotkeys and Other Settings in Dota 2

Chessie returns to make you wiser once again. This is the guide to watch if you want to see how a professional Dota 2 player binds their keys for heroes and courier. Chessie also explains his other settings and why he uses them.

1 video     38:18     Chessie
MMR Crash Courses - Last Hits at 10 Minutes
MMR Crash Courses

The laning stage of the game generally lasts for the first 10 or so minutes. This is when players who last hit well can begin building an advantage through their mechanics. This guide focuses on consistently collecting high last hit numbers in the laning stage.

6 videos     40:26     TEL9021
MMR Crash Courses - Denies
MMR Crash Courses - Denies

1 video     6:32     TEL9021
MMR Crash Courses - TP Scroll
MMR Crash Courses - TP Scroll

The TP Scroll is arguably the most important item in the game of Dota 2. This guide explains how and why it is so necessary to always have a couple of these 50 gold items in your inventory.

1 video     8:15     TEL9021
MMR Crash Courses - Magic Stick / Wand
MMR Crash Courses - Magic Stick / Wand

1 video     8:06     TEL9021
Luna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Luna Guide

This is HuntaeLa's guide to carry Luna where he will teach us how to play the hero. We will go over everything you need to know to get started on Luna. Learn her strengths and weaknesses to climb MMR.

8 videos     2:04:15     HuntaeLa
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide - Introduction & Basics
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide

In this video guide we will learn the basics of how to play Vengeful Spirit in the support role. Hachi explains why Vengeful Spirit is such a strong support and why you should pick her.

9 videos     2:04:55     Hachi
Offlane Bristleback Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Bristleback Guide

Jenkins teaches us how to play Bristleback in this guide. We will cover the basics of the hero and how to front line for your team in these videos.

11 videos     3:12:00     Jenkins
Lich Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lich Guide

Lich is one of the most popular heroes to learn how to play support on. This guide will explain why Lich is such strong defensive laning partner for most heroes and how he assists in lane control.

11 videos     2:13:40     Hachi
Undying Guide - Introduction & Basics
Undying Guide

This video guide explains how to play Undying. Kyubashi will explain the basic mechanics of the hero and how to best utilize him.

6 videos     2:13:23     Kyubashi
Shadow Shaman Guide - Introduction & Basics
Shadow Shaman Guide

Shadow Shaman is an extremely reliable support hero and in this video series ButcherTV will teach us how to play Rhasta. This guide will focus on the basics.

10 videos     1:51:23     ButcherTV
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut

Slahser explains how to play Juggernaut in this new carry guide here on Pvgna. Juggernaut has been a common pick in pubs and pro games for years so it's time to learn him.

4 videos     2:19:40     Slahser
Slahser Dissects Phantom Assassin - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slahser Dissects Phantom Assassin

Learn how to play Phantom Assassin Slahser's way. This guide covers the skills, items and the decision making necessary to help you become a better PA player.

4 videos     2:54:43     Slahser
Offlane Tidehunter - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a strong tanky hero with one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. This video guide series will explain the basics of how to play Tidehunter in the offlane.

12 videos     2:50:23     Jenkins
Necrophos Guide - Introduction & Basics
Necrophos Guide

Kyubashi's guide to Necrophos covers this extremely potent hero who, after his rework in patch 7.00 has been terrorizing pubs and even popping up in professional games.

5 videos     2:20:01     Kyubashi
Offlane Omniknight - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Omniknight

Jenkins explains how to play Omniknight in the offlane in this video series. This guide will help you learn the basics of one of the top win rate heroes in ranked matchmaking.

10 videos     2:32:41     Jenkins
Ogre Magi Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Ogre Magi Guide

I'm the Ogre Magi! No, you are! In the following guide, you will learn how to play as Ogre Magi like a pro. You will also understand how each of your abilities work.

4 videos     1:11:26     TheBenGerman