Legends are born as players continue their climb through Archon. At this ranking most players have begun to focus in on the heroes and roles they enjoy playing. Farming and fighting are more consistent while vision and coordination are still lacking. Games are much harder to win alone.
Focus on dominating the laning stage to make games easy to play
Learn to punish the generally poor decision making and positioning at this level
Heavy focus on strong fighting heroes that come online early
Path Duration: 64.2 hours · 204 videos
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Drafting for your MMR - Carries at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR

Restocker introduces five carries that will get you winning games quickly in the 3K bracket and below. This guide highlights how to pick straight forward heroes that newer players can pick up with good results.

16 videos     9:51:53     Restocker
Drafting for your MMR - Supports at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR - Supports at 3K & Below

Supporting can be tough in the lower MMR brackets. In this guide Restocker shows us a number of support heroes that can get a lot done and have a heavy impact in the game at this MMR.

1 video     37:46     Restocker
Drafting for your MMR - Mid Heroes at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR - Mid Heroes at 3K & Below

In this guide Restocker explains a number of popular mid heroes that every player in the 3K MMR bracket and below should master. These heroes are straight forward and great for people looking to begin climbing MMR.

1 video     25:19     Restocker
Drafting for your MMR - Roamers at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR - Roamers at 3K & Below

Roamers are all the rage these days and their impact can be massive. In this guide Restocker describes how these roamers can be played to dominate the laning stage and secure farm for your team.

1 video     29:26     Restocker
Drafting for your MMR - Mentality Below 3K
Drafting for your MMR - Mentality Below 3K

In this section of the guide Restocker recaps everything you need to know to succeed in 3K MMR and below. He explains how you should approach the game as each role to climb the MMR ladder.

1 video     27:16     Restocker
Lich Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lich Guide

Lich is one of the most popular heroes to learn how to play support on. This guide will explain why Lich is such strong defensive laning partner for most heroes and how he assists in lane control.

11 videos     2:13:40     Hachi
Offlane Tidehunter - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a strong tanky hero with one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. This video guide series will explain the basics of how to play Tidehunter in the offlane.

12 videos     2:50:23     Jenkins
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide - Introduction & Basics
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide

In this video guide we will learn the basics of how to play Vengeful Spirit in the support role. Hachi explains why Vengeful Spirit is such a strong support and why you should pick her.

9 videos     2:04:55     Hachi
Shadow Shaman Guide - Introduction & Basics
Shadow Shaman Guide

Shadow Shaman is an extremely reliable support hero and in this video series ButcherTV will teach us how to play Rhasta. This guide will focus on the basics.

10 videos     1:51:23     ButcherTV
Spirit Breaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Spirit Breaker Guide

In this video guide we will be learning about the basics and mechanics of playing Spirit Breaker. Barathrum is a highly aggressive and fun hero to play and Hachi brings us an in-depth video series on the hero.

9 videos     2:04:40     Hachi
Sven Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Sven Guide

Rogue Knight at your service! This guide will help you understand how to properly play as Sven. You will also learn how the abilities of this hero work.

6 videos     50:38     HuntaeLa
Terrorblade Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Terrorblade Guide

Terror steals across the land! This guide will help you understand how to play Terrorblade and how to properly use his abilities to demolish objectives and destroy opposing heroes in seconds.

10 videos     2:31:49     Kyubashi
How to Raise MMR with Pudge - Introduction & Basic Concepts
How to Raise MMR with Pudge

Butcher is back with a new series on how to raise your MMR with the hero Pudge. The guide will cover the decision making and mentality necessary to climb the ladder.

10 videos     2:14:53     ButcherTV
Abaddon Guide - Introduction & Basics
Abaddon Guide

Learn how to play Abaddon with Kyubashi's guide on this strong offlane hero. We will cover the basics of how to survive in fights and save your teammates.

5 videos     2:32:57     Kyubashi
Offlane Zeus - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Zeus

In this guide Jenkins will introduce us to his method for playing the hero in the offlane. These videos will teach us the basics of the hero and how to bring the thunder in your games.

13 videos     3:51:02     Jenkins
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slahser Dissects Juggernaut

Slahser explains how to play Juggernaut in this new carry guide here on Pvgna. Juggernaut has been a common pick in pubs and pro games for years so it's time to learn him.

4 videos     2:19:40     Slahser
Luna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Luna Guide

This is HuntaeLa's guide to carry Luna where he will teach us how to play the hero. We will go over everything you need to know to get started on Luna. Learn her strengths and weaknesses to climb MMR.

8 videos     2:04:15     HuntaeLa
Treant Protector Guide - Introduction & Basics
Treant Protector Guide

Kyubashi brings us a guide on how to play support Treant Protector in this video series. He will show you how to impact lanes and keep your towers alive.

5 videos     2:27:17     Kyubashi
Doom Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Doom Guide

Learn the basics of how to play Doom in this guide by LizZard. Doom can be a very powerful offlaner or roamer depending on the game.

8 videos     2:47:30     lizZard
The Ultimate Warding Guide - Introduction & Basics
The Ultimate Warding Guide

These guides will teach you the importance of vision and how and where to ward properly in Dota 2. Learn how to control the map with Observer and Sentry Wards.

4 videos     2:36:58     Restocker
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Mid Lane
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning

Learning how to win your lane is the beginning of improving as a Dota player. This guide will teach you how to out lane your opponents consistently in the mid lane, Dota's most mechanically demanding role.

5 videos     2:26:27     Restocker
Bloodseeker Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Bloodseeker Guide

For the Flayed Twins, I seek blood! In this guide HuntaeLa explains how to play Bloodseeker and crush your opponents in lane to snowball the game.

5 videos     1:15:07     HuntaeLa
Offlane Legion Commander Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Legion Commander Guide

Learn how to play Legion Commander in this guide series by Jenkins. These videos will teach you how to play one of the strongest offlaners in Dota 2 and duel your way to victory against all odds.

12 videos     3:07:22     Jenkins
Offlane Pugna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Pugna Guide

In this video guide Jenkins will be teaching us the basic of how to play and have massive impact on offlane Pugna. Pugna is a unique hero in his ability to quickly take towers without dangerously committing himself.

10 videos     2:47:20     Jenkins
Axe Guide - Introduction & Basics
Axe Guide

Learn how to play Axe in this video series by Jenkins. This guide will teach us how to dominate the opposing carry with this aggressive, initiating offlaner. Let the carnage begin!

10 videos     2:33:46     Jenkins
Offlane Omniknight - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Omniknight

Jenkins explains how to play Omniknight in the offlane in this video series. This guide will help you learn the basics of one of the top win rate heroes in ranked matchmaking.

10 videos     2:32:41     Jenkins
Support Silencer Guide - Introduction & Basics
Support Silencer Guide

In this video from the how to play support Silencer video series Hachi will be explaining the essentials of this hero. Silencer is often played as a high damage support with a fight changing ultimate called Global Silence.

8 videos     2:15:29     Hachi