Supports are the unsung heroes of the Dota universe. Should you choose to follow the path of support you will need to become a master of turning nothing into something. Tasked with getting things done without any resources, supports are what hold any good team together.
Learn to manufacture farm by stacking and pulling.
Win the warding game to control the map with vision.
Become master of being in the right place at the right time.
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How to Support Your Team - Laning
How to Support Your Team

Welcome to the How to Support Your Team guide here on Pvgna! These videos will help you learn many important concepts necessary to win games for your team as a support in Dota 2.

7 videos     2:45:51     Newsham
Supporting in Patch 7.07 - The Start of the Game
Supporting in Patch 7.07 - The Start of the Game

One of the biggest changes to playing support in patch 7.07 is the very start of the game. Ler teaches us how to deal with not being able to TP to ward and the increased expense of support items.

1 video     12:26     @Ler_GG
The Art of Support - Introduction
The Art of Support

Even though this is a support guide, it will help you understand DOTA 2 better and make you a better player no matter which role you play as.

35 videos     9:08:01     @Ler_GG
The Starting Items Pros Build - Support
The Starting Items Pros Build - Support

This guide will explain what starting items that supports should build. For supports, the starting items are extremely important as they will often be the only items you have for quite some time.

1 video     27:29     D2Bowie
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Support
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Support

The life of a support in Dota 2 depends on the game situation. In this basics guide to supporting you will learn how to be efficient in your movements to always be in a position to help your team.

1 video     32:40     Restocker
The Ultimate Warding Guide - Introduction & Basics
The Ultimate Warding Guide

These guides will teach you the importance of vision and how and where to ward properly in Dota 2. Learn how to control the map with Observer and Sentry Wards.

4 videos     2:36:58     Restocker
Support Role Essentials - How to Stack and Pull
Support Role Essentials

As a support player, learning how to stack and pull is one of the most important parts of laning. These guides will teach you the essentials of playing support.

3 videos     1:42:58     Restocker
Studying Your Replays - Early Game as a Support
Studying Your Replays - Early Game as a Support

Restocker gets much more specific in this guide to how to watch your own replays. This section will cover what you should look for as a support play in the early part of your games.

1 video     40:35     Restocker
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide - Introduction & Basics
Vengeful Spirit Support Guide

In this video guide we will learn the basics of how to play Vengeful Spirit in the support role. Hachi explains why Vengeful Spirit is such a strong support and why you should pick her.

9 videos     2:04:55     Hachi
Support Silencer Guide - Introduction & Basics
Support Silencer Guide

In this video from the how to play support Silencer video series Hachi will be explaining the essentials of this hero. Silencer is often played as a high damage support with a fight changing ultimate called Global Silence.

8 videos     2:15:29     Hachi
Lich Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lich Guide

Lich is one of the most popular heroes to learn how to play support on. This guide will explain why Lich is such strong defensive laning partner for most heroes and how he assists in lane control.

11 videos     2:13:40     Hachi
Dazzle Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dazzle Guide

Ler_GG brings us a guide on how to play Dazzle. In this video he will introduce the hero's basic mechanics and why you should want to pick this defensive support.

10 videos     1:56:08     @Ler_GG
Crystal Maiden Guide - Introduction & Basics
Crystal Maiden Guide

Crystal Maiden has been one of the most popular supports in Dota for a long time. This guide will introduce how to play the hero and why she makes a strong support pick.

9 videos     2:31:15     Ryuu
Warlock Guide - Introduction & Basics
Warlock Guide

Ryuu introduces us to the hero Warlock. This guide will teach us how to support on the hero and why he provides so much team fight impact.

7 videos     2:15:41     Ryuu
Bane Guide - Introduction & Basics
Bane Guide

In this video series we will be learning about the hero Bane. These guides will explain all the basics and the more advanced nuance of this strong support.

10 videos     1:52:51     Hachi
Witch Doctor Guide - Introduction & Basics
Witch Doctor Guide

In this video guide ButcherTV takes some time to introduce us to the basic mechanics of playing Witch Doctor. Witch Doctor is a strong laning hero most often played as a support that dishes out a ton of damage.

8 videos     1:17:03     ButcherTV
Ancient Apparition Guide - Introduction & Basics
Ancient Apparition Guide

In this guide series we will be learning how to play Ancient Apparition. This video will cover the basics of the hero and help us understand the hero's skills and when they would be useful in a game.

8 videos     2:59:26     TDRussian
Dark Willow Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dark Willow Guide

In this video series we will be learning how to play Dark Willow, one of Dota 2's most recently added heroes. This guide will explain the basics of the hero and why you should learn to play her.

9 videos     3:03:13     TDRussian
Roaming Night Stalker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Roaming Night Stalker Guide

Kyubashi teaches us how to play Balanar, the Night Stalker. This guide will cover the hero's basic mechanics and what sort of play style you should expect when picking Night Stalker.

6 videos     2:14:46     Kyubashi
Disruptor Guide - Introduction & Basics
Disruptor Guide

Ryuu teaches us how to play Disruptor in this guide. Here you will learn how to fight and why this hero is good at punishing bad positioning.

7 videos     1:17:24     Ryuu
Spirit Breaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Spirit Breaker Guide

In this video guide we will be learning about the basics and mechanics of playing Spirit Breaker. Barathrum is a highly aggressive and fun hero to play and Hachi brings us an in-depth video series on the hero.

9 videos     2:04:40     Hachi
Lion Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lion Guide

This guide will showcase how to play support Lion. In this video we will cover the basics of playing the hero and why it makes such a good pick for any support player.

5 videos     1:36:16     Ryuu
Treant Protector Guide - Introduction & Basics
Treant Protector Guide

Kyubashi brings us a guide on how to play support Treant Protector in this video series. He will show you how to impact lanes and keep your towers alive.

5 videos     2:27:17     Kyubashi
Undying Guide - Introduction & Basics
Undying Guide

This video guide explains how to play Undying. Kyubashi will explain the basic mechanics of the hero and how to best utilize him.

6 videos     2:13:23     Kyubashi
Rubick Guide - Introduction & Skill Builds
Rubick Guide

TheBenGerman brings us the first part of his guide on how to play Rubick in the support role. This part of the video series will cover the basics of the hero and the proper skill builds.

7 videos     1:38:23     TheBenGerman
Earthshaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Earthshaker Guide

This guide will teach us how to play support Earthshaker. Ryuu explains how to utilize the stuns of one of Dota's strongest intiators.

9 videos     2:30:40     Ryuu
Winter Wyvern Guide - Introduction & Basics
Winter Wyvern Guide

Ler introduces us to Winter Wyvern in this video. This hero guide will cover how to play support Winter Wyvern and why you should be picking this hero to win games in your pub matches.

4 videos     45:21     @Ler_GG
Bounty Hunter Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Bounty Hunter Guide

It was just business before. Now it's personal! In this video you will learn how to play Bounty Hunter as well as his abilities and other basic mechanics.

5 videos     1:29:58     TEL9021
Mirana Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Mirana Guide

Your Priestess has arrived! The following guide will teach you how to play Mirana better and it will also show you how to use your abilities properly.

9 videos     1:53:18     Kyubashi
Roaming Monkey King Guide - Introduction & Basics
Roaming Monkey King Guide

Newsham introduces us how to play the hero Monkey King as a roaming support in this video guide.

11 videos     2:40:56     Newsham
Nyx Assassin Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Nyx Assassin Guide

This guide by TheBenGerman will help us learn how to play Nyx Assassin. We will cover the basics of the hero in this video.

0 videos     1:00:48     TheBenGerman
Phoenix Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Phoenix Guide

In this video guide, you will learn about Phoenix's basic mechanics as well as how the abilities work and how to use them to your full advantage.

8 videos     2:09:12     lizZard
Enchantress Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Enchantress Guide

Sproink! With this guide, LizZard is here to teach you how to play Enchantress. It's time you enchant your DotA 2 experience by learning how to properly micro with this hero.

7 videos     2:42:52     lizZard
Io Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Io Guide

Beep Bop, LizZard is here to help you shine bright as a Wisp. In this guide, you will learn how to play Io, the hardest support in the game.

7 videos     1:52:58     lizZard