To walk the path of the offlane is to embrace the struggle. Tasked with winning a disadvantaged lane, you must master Dota-Judo, turning strength against itself. Learn to frustrate and terrorize your opponents with elusive positioning and movement before setting your team up with a game winning initiation.
The art of frustration: make the enemy carry's lane hard.
Learn to collect gold and experience without dying.
Occupy the opposing supports to make space for your team.
Path Duration: 12.6 hours · 50 videos
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The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Offlane
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Offlane

In this laning basics guide Restocker will cover the offlane role. You will learn how to get experience and gold in a disadvantaged lane without dying and feeding the enemy team gold and levels.

1 video     30:15     Restocker
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane - Introduction to the Offlane
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane

Jenkins joins us to introduce the new and improved offlane and what you should be doing when playing this role post patch 7.00. This offlane guide will make you realize that you're a wizard after all.

13 videos     2:29:47     Jenkins
Offlane Weaver Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Weaver Guide

Jenkins brings us another offlane hero guide on one of the more popular picks in the high level games and professional metas these days. This video introduces Weaver in the offlane role.

11 videos     2:24:06     Jenkins
Offlane Slardar Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Offlane Slardar Guide

Kyubashi’s guide to Slardar places him in his naturally suited offlane role. In this video you’ll cover his skills, items and how to best use them to win games.

5 videos     2:22:40     Kyubashi
Offlane Pudge Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Pudge Guide

Jenkins, NADota's very own Pudge extraordinaire, introduces his guide to playing offlane Pudge. He will cover why he thinks Pudge is best played in the offlane and how to out skill your opponents.

14 videos     2:18:29     Jenkins
Abaddon Guide - Introduction & Basics
Abaddon Guide

In this first part of Kyubashi's Abaddon guide we will take a look at the hero what roles he can fit into depending on the game. We will explore the versatility of Abaddon.

5 videos     2:12:18     Kyubashi
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - KuroKy Underlord
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - KuroKy Underlord

In this gameplay analysis, D2Bowie looks at a replay of KuroKy playing the hero Underlord. Underlord, Pitlord from Dota 1, is a very strong hero right now in patch 7.01.

1 video     16:12     D2Bowie