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In this replay analysis guide, HuntaeLa will explain how Scandal plays as Outworld Devourer in the mid lane vs. Sniper.

Their sanity I'll shatter, their dreams of conquest I'll destroy! Harbinger the Outworld Devourer, is a powerful hero that is mostly played in the mid lane. He commands a powerful Arcane Orb that adds extra pure damage to his attacks. With his Astral Imprisonment, he can trap his enemy and also deal damage when the prison implodes. The Outworld Devourer is also surrounded by an Essence Aura, which allows him and his allies to gain a chance at restoring some of their mana. His ultimate power, the Sanity’s Eclipse is a psychic blast that removes mana and damages his enemies. This makes him a strong team fight hero, and we believe this guide will help you play a better Outworld Devourer.

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