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Ogre Magi Guide - DC vs EHOME Gameplay & Decision Making

Still Relevant

This replay analysis guide will focus on Misery once again, but this time its Digital Chaos vs. EHOME at the International.

Once is not enough. It's just as high as we can count! Aggron Stonebreak, the Ogre Magi is the tankiest support you can find in the game. He can stun people with his Fireblast and with this Ignite spell, he can cause his enemy to move slowly and take damage over time. This hero can also buff his allies with his ability Bloodlust, allowing them to move faster and gain additional attack speed. This ability also works on towers as well. The best about this hero is his ultimate, Multicast. This gives Ogre Magi a chance to cast his spells multiple times allowing him to burst and lock his enemies down. Watch these guides and learn more.

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