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The second part to this offlane Weaver hero guide will cover the skills and talent tree for this elusive bug. Jenkins explains what each talent is worth and why you should skill in a certain order.

Weaver is a strong agility hero who has a ton of versatility these days. One of the reason he works so well in the offlane is his innate ability to avoid dying, thanks to both Shukuchi and Time Lapse. Blessed with the only ranged double attack in the game, courtesy of Geminate Attack, Weaver also deals a ton of damage. Safelane carries are finding themselves crushed in lane once their supports rotate to help the other cores. Weaver can run down anyone and after launching The Swarm, vulnerable carries will melt to his auto attacks. While Weaver has seen play in the carry and support roles of late, this guide will focus on the offlane where simply avoiding death can win you the lane. Luckily for anyone choosing to learn Weaver, this is what he excels at. Skitskurr, the Weaver has the ability to take over games and become the carry when necessary which can make him a great pick in pub games.

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