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Offlane Slardar Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics

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Offlane Slardar Guide
Total Duration: 2:09:01

In this guide we will learn how to play Slardar in the offlane. Kyubashi explains the basics of this hero and why he is such a strong initiator.

This guide to Slardar the Slithereen Guard will teach you how to even the odds in the offlane and snowball your way to victory. Slardar is a powerful initiating hero that has been favored in the competitive meta for a long time. With a low farm requirement to be effective, the Deep One excels at pushing the pace to inflict maximum pressure on the enemy team. Slardar is a fight first hero who comes online with very few items but must hit his timings and spells to truly terrorize his foes. Thanks to his about to Sprint around the map, Slardar can leap in to battle from any direction. This is Kyubashi's guide to offlane Slardar which we hope will have you bashing enemies into the Corrosive Haze of oblivion.

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