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What is the "Pudge Effect" you may ask? In this guide Jenkins explains how to strike terror into the hearts of your opponents simply by existing in the game. A scared carry is an underfarmed carry.

The Butcher is back in business as Jenkins brings is massive expertise on this hero to Pvgna. Considered to be one of the best Pudge players in the world, Jenkins has more than his fair share of experience Meat Hooking and Dismembering all who oppose him. In this comprehensive guide to Pudge we will explore all the nuances to offlane Pudge. While many offlaners need at least a few items to come online, Pudge is terrifying any time he is missing from the map. Discover various tricks to maximizing efficiency on this re-positioning monster. Jenkins will dissect how to get the most out of a disadvantaged lane and turn it into stacks upon stacks of Flesh Heap. Pudge is Dota’s most popular hero and Jenkins is here to not only show you why but also how to play him properly. Thanks to his great early pressure from Rot, Pudge is making waves in both pubs and the professional scene. His unique skill set is one you have to learn if you want to call yourself a Dota 2 player and Pvgna is the best place to learn it.

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