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Offlane Monkey King Guide - Solo Gameplay Analysis

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Monkey King
Offlane Monkey King Guide
Total Duration: 57:53

In this replay analysis guide, you will learn how to play as Monkey King in the offlane but this time you will understand how to survive as a solo offlaner.

Monkey King is the new hero of patch 7.00, and this hero is quite versatile when it comes to laning. However, this guide will teach you how to play this hero in the offlane. TheBenGerman will teach you how to utilize your Jingu Mastery to farm effectively and how you can set up ganks using your Tree Dance. You will also learn how to properly itemize to boost your ultimate ability Wukong’s Command. TheBenGerman will also help you use your Boundless Strike at the right time to deal massive damage.

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