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OD vs Invoker Mid Matchup Analysis by BZZ

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Total Duration: 14:15

BZZ, the pro player with 8k MMR, brings you a video on Outworld Devourer vs. Invoker mid lane match up with the help a replay of a scrim game between his team Fantastic Five and ProDota Gaming.

Ever wondered how pro players play Outworld Devourer, especially in the mid lane vs. a Quas Exort Invoker? Well not to worry, pro player BZZ is here to help you with a replay analysis of one of his games vs. ProDota Gaming. BZZ is an 8k MMR player and is currently playing for team Fantastic Five 2015. In this video, BZZ will explain how you can counter a Quas Exort Invoker in the mid lane as OD. You will also learn how you can avoid ganks properly and how you can keep Invoker from getting last hits. Being able to outfarm Invoker in the early game is a win itself, and surely after watching this video you will be able to do that and more.