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I'm just getting the swim of things! This guide will help you understand which abilities are most useful in the early game and which one you should max out first.

He who cracked the shell of the world shall hear my song and weep! Slithice the Naga Siren is a hero that can create Mirror Images of herself; this allows her to be at different places at once. She can Ensnare her enemy and trap them in place. Her ability Rip Tide can hit all nearby enemies with a damaging wave of water. If the Naga Siren or her allies are in danger, she can unleash the Song of the Siren. Using her powerful voice, she can put all her nearby enemies to sleep. She can also use this ability to set up traps as well. And Kyubashi is bringing you this Naga Siren guide to help you play her properly.

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