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HuntaeLa analyzes coL.Chessie's decision making and movement in team fights. This guide will help you learn how to maximize damage, target select and dominate fights.

You only miss the water when the well runs dry! Morphling is a powerful water elemental being. His Waveform allows him to dissolve into liquid and surge forward while damaging all enemies in his path. His Adaptive Strike can stun and damage his target depending on his stats. He is also able to Morph his Agility into Strength and vice versa, depending on his needs. This makes Morphling one of the strongest carries in the game. His ultimate is still poorly understood and underutilized but allows Morphling to copy other heroes in the game. Morphling has been heavily nerfed in the recent patches but remains a dangerous hero in the right hands. This guide by HuntaeLa will help you understand the difficult nature of this hero.

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