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The King has arrived! In this guide, you will learn how to play Monkey King and why he makes such a strong laner.

Well, some people ask if I'm really a king. And I always wonder why no one asks if I'm really a monkey! Sun Wukong, the Monkey King is finally here to step into the battlefield with the patch 7.00. He wields the legendary Jingu Bang that can extend its range to match his master; the Monkey King calls it the Boundless Strike. By perfecting the art of Jingu Mastery, he can unleash the true power of this staff. Even though this hero is almost a god, he is still a monkey after all and loves to do the Tree Dance as he jumps from one tree to another. Monkey see, monkey do; this hero loves Mischief and likes to disguise himself as all kind of things. However, on Wukong’s Command he can unleash his ultimate power that creates a circular formation of soldiers, attacking anyone who comes near them. Sounds like a fun hero, right? Watch this guide and learn how to dominate your games as the Monkey King.

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