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In this replay analysis guide, Monib continues analyzing W33 playing Invoker. This time he will explain how W33 makes decisions in the late game.

Throughout the aeons I have been known by many names but my true name of power is Carl! Invoker is one of the strongest and the hardest hero of the game. This hero can be played with two different styles. Quas Exort is the first style where you have access to Sun Strikes, Forge Spirits, and Chaos Meteor. While the Quas Wex build allows you to cast Tornado, EMP, and Cold Snap. However, once you level 25 you are able to cast all your abilities. That’s a total of 10 spells you can invoke by combing your base line abilities. Paired with the right items, Invoker can easily dominate the game. That is why Monib is here to teach you how to play as Invoker the right way.