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In this video guide Kyubashi will show us the mid and late game as a Mirana. We will learn about scaling into the mid and late game, securing objectives and winning the vision game.

I had a vision of this place in the Temple of Mene, but I had no idea it was a prophecy! Mirana, the Princess of the Moon is a hero that can be played in a lot of different roles. She can stun people for up to five seconds, if you can land your Sacred Arrow form long range. She can do high magical damage with her Starstorm ability. If things are looking bad, Mirana can Leap to safety to save herself. She can also turn her whole team invisible thanks to her ultimate ability called Moonlight Shadow. With the right items and the proper skill build, this hero can become unstoppable. And that is why Kyubashi is bringing you this guide to teach you how to play Mirana like a pro.

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