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Meepo Guide - Safelane Carry Gameplay Analysis

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LizZard breaks down a recent game of his on Meepo. In this gameplay analysis he will be in the safelane carry role and has to deal with quite a bit of AoE damage.

Hello fellow Meepo player, LizZard is here to help you master the art of Meepo the Geomancer. With this guide, you will learn why you should skill up Poof over Earthbind and how using Earthbind again does not stop channeling. In addition, did you know that your illusions also gain Geostrike and the slow and damage over time stacks? Divided We Stand, Meepo's ultimate ability is one of the stronger abilities in the game. Moreover, with Aghanim's Scepter you can add an extra Meepo to your control. You will also learn how to play Meepo as a support and what items you need to build for that role. Not to worry we will also help you with Meepo's mechanics and which heroes to team up with and which ones to avoid.

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