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The simple bear necessities! Having the right items will affect your early game a lot and knowing when to have which item will win you the game.

LizZard is here to help you become the master of druids and bears with this guide for Sylla the Lone Druid. Even though this hero is called Lone Druid, he is never actually alone as he always has his Spirit Bear alongside him thanks to the Summon Spirit Bear ability. Moreover, with your ultimate ability you can activate your True Form and become a bear yourself. When things get out of hand, you can cast Rabid that will allow you to either run away or take the fight to your enemy. However, when things get real bad, you can use your Savage Roar to make the enemy flee in fear. The most important thing about Lone Druid is building the right items and knowing which heroes can counter you. Surely, you will after watching this video guide. There is yet time for this!

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