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Since Lina is primarily a mid lane hero you will need to master a number of 1v1 match ups. This guide will cover how you should play against Queen of Pain in the mid lane and how to win it.

Lina Inverse the Slayer has been a consistent presence in the mid lane of Dota games for years. Armed with an extremely powerful combination of spells she has the ability to annihilate most heroes almost instantly for a good portion of the game. Let’s get a fire going! In this guide you will learn all about the spell casting flamethrower. With some of the changes and addition of talents to the game, Lina’s options have opened up. Dragon Slave and Light Strike Array remain major tools in her arsenal and can clear creep waves extremely quickly. Fiery Soul has been buffed and when combined with her talent can make Lina into a fearsome physical damage dealer as well. Her iconic ultimate, Laguna Blade, remains one of the best equalizers in the game, capable of incinerating any hero caught with their HP just a little too low. Lina has been played in both the mid and support roles over the years but her mechanics remain relatively similar between roles. If you can stay alive long enough in team fights you are sure to dish out an incredible amount of magic and physical damage. One little spark and before you know it, the whole world is burning.

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