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Lifestealer Guide - Safelane Gameplay Analysis At 2.5k MMR

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In this video, HuntaeLa plays in a 2.5k MMR game to demonstrate how to take advantage of the mistakes by players at this skill level with the hero Lifestealer.

Oh Master, behold all these lives for the taking! N’aix the Lifestealer is a hero that can become immune to magic by using his ability, Rage. This hero can Feast upon his enemies and heal himself. He is also able to exploit any Open Wounds his enemy has and allow his allies to regain health for a percentage of the damage they deal. If the Lifestealer is able to farm up some items and has an ally that he can infest, this hero can snowball out of control. In addition, since his Rage makes him immune to magic, he is able to counter a lot of heroes that deal magical damage. That is why HuntaeLa is bringing you this guide to teach you how to play as the Lifestealer.

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